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Install Compensate Client - SI and State Fund

posted Mar 11, 2011, 9:01 AM by Compensate Admin   [ updated Sep 12, 2017, 11:17 AM ]
To install the Compensate client on a workstation

!Note: "application" refers to the folder where Compensate is installed on the server.
  1. From the application\dll_source folder run setup59_cr.exe to install the application *.dll files on the workstation
    1. There may be an error 1501 - registering a font - this can be safely ignored
  2. From the application\dll_source folder run SshActiveX-9.3.1-win32.msi, this is for the SFTP client for CMS reporting
  3. For workstations that are going to print checks install the MICR.TTF font found in the application\exports folder
  4. Create the printer with the name "Compensate PS" so the workstation can e-mail reports (instructions can be found here)
  5. If the OS on the workstation is Windows 7 or greater, run the fix windows7.cmd file in the application folder.
    1. This script may need to be edited for non-standard windows installation folders or if running Windows x64.  
    2. There are comments in the script regarding x64 installations.  
  6. Install the SQL Native Client v10.0 on the workstation the source for this installation can be found in the application\dll_source\sql folder.  The file name is sqlncli-x86.msi or sqlncli-x64.msi
  7. Create a shortcut for the application being installed from the application folder - all of the steps above only installed the DLL files required to run the application - the actual application is installed on the server.
Security Considerations
  1. The user account must have read, write and modify permissions on the application folder and the eDocs storage area.
  2. The user account must have dbo permissions on the appropriate database to the SQL server where the database is stored.
  3. Application permissions and database permissions are best managed through the use of  Active Directory groups instead of explicit permissions granted per user.
  4. Setup59_cr.exe and SshActiveX-9.3.1-win32.msi must be installed using administrative permissions to the workstation.
  5. The UNC path for the application folder MUST NOT CONTAIN SPACES.