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v6.0 Release Notes

Compensate State Fund is Claims Management Software for the purposes of collecting 
and reporting data provided by the Ohio BWC.

Compensate State Fund IS NOT Group Rating Software and SHOULD NOT BE USED
in the formation or management of Employer Groups.

Alton Risk Consulting accepts no liability for the incorrect calculation of employer premium projections or 
conclusions that the end user may reach.

  • Added the 2012 CPT Fee Schedule for Ohio effective 1/1/2012
  • Added "Employee Notes" to the HRMS records for policies that are setup for the 15K program and require CMS reporting.
  • Added eDocs to the employee records in HRMS and attachments to the Employee Notes in HRMS
  • Updated all reports to exclude PCODE 60 from all reports that use transactions.  PCODE 60 transactions are non-chargeable medical.
  • Updated the 1099 forms for 2011 for policies that are setup for the 15K program.
  • Updated the claim excel export on the loss run menu to include the accident description, injury description the TPA Rep and the primary allowed icd-9 code and description.
  • Improved the speed of the policy info screen that is available with CTRL-P.

  • Updated all base rate, credibility, break even factor and admin multiplier tables for private companies for 2011 and 2012 policy years. 
  • Completed the updates for the 2012 policy year projection programs. 

  • CMS Claim reporting is now available for 15K employers
  • Updated the search feature in lists. 
    • The new search (CTRL-F) in lists now limits the list to entries that contain the value entered in the search box. The old search would position the list at the record that began with the value entered in the search box. 
    • After searching for a value you can restore the entire list by emptying the search box on the lower right of the search screen or use CTRL-F and leave the box empty and hit return. The entire list will be visible again. 
    • Users can change the column that is being searched on by clicking the top of the column (column name) and then using the search control or using CTRL-F 
    • After a search is complete the order of the remaining entries on the list can be sorted by clicking on the top of the column of the desired search order.


  • New Report - MIRA2 Loss Run - Payments Period has been added. This is the MIRA 2 Loss Run with the amount of SC230 awards in the fiscal period selected. The MIRA 2 reports are the best reports to show the most current values in a claim for both paid and reserve values - all claim values are as of either the extract date at the top of the report or the date at the end of the line for each claim. The State Fund Loss Run and Retro Loss Run reports only show reserves and paid values as of the end of the previous quarter. This report is available only for clients that are running SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. This report can also be setup as a subscription report which will e-mail as a .PDF file on a scheduled basis.


  • Updated all base rate, credibility, break even factor and admin multiplier tables for both public and private companies for 2010 and 2011 policy years. 
  • Completed the updates for the 2011 policy year projection programs. 
  • The plain paper 1099 forms and electronic file formats have been updated for 2010 for 15k program participants. 
  • A new field, "# is SSN" has been added to the provider table for 1099 reporting. IRS in 2011 will require all TIN numbers to be identified as either a Corporate TIN or a SSN when being reported for 1099 purposes. Checking the box on the provider screen "# is SSN" will send the correct in the electronic file to the IRS and will mask the SSN on the 1099 form for security / privacy purposes. 
  • The "Export All Projections" excel file has been expanded to include many new fields including the raw current year and 4 year payroll values. 
  • Subrogation collected and Subrogation % are now included on the claim data excel file included with projections if the "Show Claims" option is selected on the projection option screen.


  • Added support for CPT Modifiers LT, RT, E1, E2, E3, E4, FA, F1 thru F9, LC, LD, RC, QM, QR, QN, TA, T1 thru T9. None of these new modifiers change the value of a particular CPT procedure but will allow for the modifiers to be used and not get a duplicate payment / detail line message.


  • Added support for the CPT Modifiers 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, RB, RR, NU. These new modifiers will apply the proper multipliers to the maximum state value. Use F4 in the modifier field to see a complete list of modifiers and their calculations.
  • Revised the missing CPT code message in the CPT medical payment program. Because of the expanded modifier support, the CPT code and it's modifier must be found in the CPT table to retrieve a value. Double check the modifier and CPT code combination in the CPT table when checking for current values of procedures.
  • Revised the Ohio CPT tables. The new tables include the procedure, modifier and the effective date for the value. When checking in the system for the value for a procedure be sure to compare the date of service against the effective date for the procedure.


  • Added 2010 CPT tables for 15K bill reductions 
  • Added 2010 cost to charge ratio tables for 15K bill reductions 
  • Added "Claim Excel Export" under the loss run menu - exports all information for claims between 2 dates for selected policies


  • Added basic HRMS employee management for storage of employee demographics and CMS query results 
  • Added CMS Query file generation and translation for 15K policies. The software is able to send CMS query files for 15K claims where the employee information (SSN, DOB, Gender) is complete and will indicate which claimants are Medicare beneficiaries to allow the employer to opt out of the 15K program for that specific claim. 
  • Updated tables to allow for 2010 projections for private and public companies. This does not include any information for the expanded industry groups for private employers. The expanded industry groups may be included in a future update if the BWC supplies a complete set of rate tables for the additional industry groups.


  • Added basic HRMS employee management for storage of employee demographics and CMS query results 
  • Added CMS Query file generation and translation for 15K policies


  • New - Added an import for the Hearing information files that are distributed by the ICO. These files contain all of the upcoming hearings. 
    • To import the hearing file and create new hearings in the system 
    • Place the hearing file from the ICO in the imports\docket_files folder under compensate 
    • Go to the Reports --> Docket --> Import Docket File 
    • Select the docket files you wish to import and select "Load". 
    • Hearings that could not be loaded due to missing claim numbers in the claims or hearings that could not be loaded because the hearing was already loaded are supplied in an excel exception report and must be resolved manually.


  • Updated base rate, ELR and LLR tables with tables released on 3/20/2009 - revised tables supplied from BWC 
  • Removed the "Plan Discount" calculations from the group premium calculations since plan discounts are no longer applicable for group participants 
  • Added the 1.311 group participation assessment factor to the group premium calculations. 
  • Updated the group projection detail and summary reports to reflect the new assessments and group rating rules 
  • When using the plan discount option for a group rating value the usual values are between 80 and 99. Use 0 for no plan discount.


  • Added support for the new MIRA 2 reserves 
    • The paid values on the upper half of the claim screen will display either the value of the claim as of the extract date in the title bar of the software or display the latest weekly MIRA 2 evaluation available in the system. To keep claim values current, it is suggested that a PIRS request is made at least once a month (2nd or 3rd week). 
    • Requesting data more than once a month will not only provide the latest claim values for paid and reserve but will include the latest claims filed with the BWC which will save on data entry for new claims. 
    • Information from the SC230 (monthly transactions) are no longer added to the paid values in the claim screen since more up to date information is available from the BWC upon request. 
  • Added space for the 2009 CPT tables