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MinuteMen Technologies

MinuteMen Technologies offers many different software solutions to make your Risk Management tasks easier and more cost effective.

Compensate SI - our flag ship product offering complete solutions for Workers' Compensation.

Compensate SF - our flagship product for the Ohio BWC claims administration and premium projections for all State Fund Programs including: Group, Group Retro, Individual Retro, and 15K.

Compensate UI - our unemployment claims management application that allows you to track all costs associated with your unemployment program.

Compensate S&A - Sickness and Accident, and Long-Term Disability Claims management.

Compensate FMLA - FMLA Time & Claims management.

Claim Portal - is the perfect solution for getting the claims information out to the people that need it the most. This product allows full claim review and reporting for your claims information from all of your Risk Management Sources. Our Web reporter imports from any data source and provides consolidated and comprehensive reporting and data exploration.

All of our applications are multi-state capable which makes our applications a perfect solution for the large, self-administered employer or a third-party administrator of any size.

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MinuteMen Technologies 3740 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115 Phone: (216) 452-0100

E-mail: compensate_support@minutemenhr.com