Compensate SI & SF Hospital Outpatient Changes

Post Date: July 12, 2022

A new update is ready to be installed for Compensate Si & SF.

Both Compensate SI and Compensate SF databases need to be backed up prior to installing updates.  

o All users need to be logged out from Compensate Si and SF prior to backup.

o Please schedule Alton to update your system for a time after the backup completes. 

Release Notes:

Due to an oversight in discovering the 2022 Outpatient preamble that became effective 1May2022 a required update is now available that includes:

code adjustments in vcomp60si_6_6_8_CPT_Mods_CB, and vcomp_6_5_12_SF_CPT_Mods_sqe_rpt executables:

o Hospital Outpatient changes effective 1May2022 in the 2022 preamble:

New CPT Modifiers

MOD reimbursement adjustments

SQL table MOD wording adjustments via SQL script to provide for Hospital Outpatient adjustments.