New Ohio Fee Schedule Effective 01/01/2013

Post date: Jan 04, 2013 6:50:49 PM

Ohio released a new professional provider medical fee schedule effective 01/01/2013. 

This new fee schedule increased the costs for anesthesia from $2.83333/min ($42.50 per 15 minute unit) to $2.88133/min ($43.22 per 15 minute unit). 

There are several Physical Medicine procedures (97000 through 97999) that have a different rate when billed for multiple units.  The first unit is billed at the standard state maximum fee and additional units are billed at a reduced rate according to the fee schedule (tab #3).  The modifier to use this fee schedule must be 00 - procedures performed as inpatient or outpatient services must be reduced using the CCR reduction method.

The new fee schedule is available and will be included in the next upgrade of the software for customers that are on support. 

The fee schedule is attached below.  This is the latest fee schedule.  When the BWC issued the schedule on their web site on 1/1/2013 it was incomplete.  Please be sure to consult the schedule below or the latest schedule from the BWC site for up to date information.